Keratinquestions.com is written for users of hair care and beauty products, salon professionals and beauty professionals. It is intended to be an expert resource on all aspects of keratin, providing practical, useful and expert information on the use of keratin in beauty products and hair treatments and to correct and dispel any misinformation or misunderstanding about positives and negatives associated with keratin use.
Keratinquestions.com is written by Keraplast Technologies, world leaders in keratin science and the application of keratin to a wide range of hair care, beauty and medical products.
The Keraplast expert team is lead by Dr Rob Kelly, PhD and Dr Robert Allen Smith, MD. This team combines decades of medical research into the biology of keratin in and on the body with world leading expertise in applied keratin science, specifically the commercial application of keratin in hair care, skin care, medical, wound care and nutritional productions.
The Keraplast team regularly publish their findings in internationally recognised scientific journals and speak at international conferences. A list of publications can be found here. http://www.keraplast.com/scientific-publications
The Keraplast team is commercially focused and understands well that the best commercial uses of keratin are based on proven scientific performance. In addition to regular scientific publication, the Keraplast team have currently over 170 patent applications or issued patents in the manipulation and use of keratin across a wide range of fields.

The Keraplast team

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