Article two: Keratin Straightening Treatments

Keratin Hair Treatments is a catch-all term that is used to describe a whole range of hair straightening processes. Many of these do contain some type of Keratin in them, though a few don’t contain any Keratin at all!

In most cases the Keratin included is what is defined as Hydrolyzed Keratin.  Hydrolyzed keratin is keratin that has been chemically fragmented into small units of what are their basic building blocks- called amino acids. These small molecules are great for getting into your hair and drawing water with them to keep your hair hydrated. However there are other types of Keratin and these have other greater benefits which will be described in the next article.

Salon keratin straightening treatments include products such as Peter Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola, Global Keratin Complex, the La-Brasiliana treatment, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, and Brazilian Hair Straightening.

However, and lets be very clear about this: Keratin doesn’t straighten your hair. The Keratin is there in the formulation to help offset the damage that the straightening system does to you hair.

To be able to straighten your hair the formulation must include one of several types of straightening agents. Many straightening systems include formaldehyde as the actual straightening agent. This ingredient has had a great deal of media attention due to its negative health effects. See for some comments about formaldehyde and information on regulatory responses to this ingredient.

Some straightening treatments listed as formaldehyde-free actually contain another form of aldehyde or an ingredient that breaks down to formaldehyde when heat is applied with the irons. Formaldehyde is a very effective straightening agent as it forms short permanent cross- links with multiple sites within the hair fibers to hold the shape of the fiber once it has been straightened. But it’s a very volatile chemical and if a salon doesn’t have adequate ventilation the fumes can be quite noxious and irritating.

There are other straightening agents that are used, and these fall into three general groups:

  • Reducing agents such as ammonium thioglycolate or thiosulfite which open up the natural cross links in the hair. These crosslinks are then allowed to reform once the hair has been straightened.
  • Crosslinking agents of which the main one is formaldehyde but there are others such as glutaraldhyde and more exotic agents such as the Cystine derivative developed by Croda:  Cystine Bis-PG- Propyl Silanetriol  which is a silicon-based cross linker.
  • Relaxing agents which are highly alkaline solution that partially hydrolyse the hair keratins to weaken the curl.

All straightening treatments have a detrimental effect on hair, mostly because of the heat treatments that are used as part of the process, but the keratins contained within the formulation can do a great deal to help offset the damaged imparted by the irons, if the right sort of keratin is used in the formulation.

Here is some information about how keratin can be used to repair hair –

and here is some information about the right sort of keratin to look for –

So what about Hair Rescue treatments – these also contain Keratin don’t they? And do they do any good?

Next  Article: Read about Hair Rescue treatments and what they can do for your hair.

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85 Responses to Article two: Keratin Straightening Treatments

  1. ME on

    Good article. Gives good easy to grasp information.

  2. Lillian on

    How long should I wait after having a global keratin treatment before getting my hair relaxed?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Lillian,

      In general, you need to seek the advice of your salon specialist when applying one straightening treatment after a previous different treatment. Quite often they can be incompatible or worse – the combination of treatments can be too harsh for your hair causing the fibers to become very fragile. Your salon stylist is the best person to tell you how soon after a GK treatment you can have a relaxation treatment.

    • sam on

      Hi, if i have done crystal straightening to my hair and i don’t like it, after two weeks there any process that i can bring my hair to it’s original condition?

      • Keratin Questions on

        If the Liscio Crystal Thermal Reconditioning was applied, the process uses both chemicals and heat to soften and alter the bonds of the hair, reforming the bonds in a straight pattern. This altered, straight state can last from six to eight months. This treatment permanently alters the hair until new growth occurs. Only the new growth will give you back your hair’s natural, original texture.

  3. Susan on

    I asked a question earlier about a keratin straightening product called STRAIGHTOUT KERATIN TREATMENT. Below is the list of ingredients – I would really appreciate your opinion on this product.

    aqua, cetearyl alcohol, kerasol, steartrimonium chloride, perfume, cyclomethicone, hydroxyethyl cellulose, vit B5, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, aloe, barbadensis leaf extract, sweet almond oil, CI 15985, CI 19140, CI42090, formaldehyde.

    Thank you very much.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your questions and for your positive feedback! Sorry that it’s taken such a long while to come back to you. I have spent a bit of time finding out more about Straight-out Keratin and its ingredients.

      Thanks for the list that you sent; here’s the low-down:

      The recipe includes some good ingredients: Vitamin B5, olive fruit oil, Aloe vera (barbadensis leaf extract)coconut oil, sweet almond oil- all of which will help to condition your hair and protect it against the effects of the treatment and the formaldehyde in the treatment. The treatment does contain Formaldehyde which is considered toxic and an irritant. Regulatory agencies in the USA and EU have concerns over the use of formaldehyde in systems like this. As a general rule: if you get a treatment done you should ensure the salon is well ventilated to reduce health risks.

      I would have to say that this is one of the more unusually written ingredient lists that I have seen. There are international standards that New Zealand has also adopted that give the format as to how ingredients are written- and this certainly doesn’t comply. So I would not be confident that the position of the ingredients in the list gives an indication of the concentration that they are included in the formulation. For example, the position of formaldehyde at the end of the list would normally indicate that it is present at 1% or less.

      However it does list the trade name for the keratin that is included in the formulations which allows me to be able to tell you more than I would if it had simply been written as “Hydrolyzed Keratin”.

      Kerasol is the brand name for a hydrolyzed keratin ingredient made by a large international ingredient manufacturer called Croda. It is keratin that has been extracted from animal hooves and horns collected at the meatworks. It is made from the enzymatic breakdown of the keratin into quite large molecules (for the protein chemists; these are 100-120 kDa)and unusually large for a hydrolyzed keratin. The EU requirements are that hydrolyzed proteins contain much smaller molecules at less than a tenth the size (10 KDa). At the larger size the hydrolyzed keratin is too big to move into the structure of the fiber. It may be able to form films on the surface of the fiber and act as a protective layer and it will be able to penetrate damaged areas of fibers. But, through the extraction process most of the cysteine crosslinking sites will have been rendered inactive, so the ability for it to durably bind with your hair is limited.

      Just to give you a comparison: Replicine™ Functional Keratin® comprises Keratin extracted from shorn New Zealand wool, with no harm to the animals, and processed (in Lincoln) to give three general classes of protein:

      • “Keratin” which are the large separated out intact Intermediate filament proteins (80-100 KDa) that are responsible for making hair strong. They also have film forming properties and as a result of the specific extraction process used have retained their ability to re-crosslink so can form durable links with the protein in your hair.
      • Hydrolyzed Keratin which are very small molecules (in fact, much less than the EU 10KDa requirement) so are able to get into the crevices in your hair fibers. They also have retained their cysteine crosslinking capability through the extraction process used.
      • Oxidized Keratin, are medium- large sized molecules which can penetrate damaged and hair and bind to restore hair strength and condition, as a result of maintaining the integrity of the amino acids sequence needed to repair structure. They have been shown to be able to provide benefits to your hair and a great deal of benefit to your skin.

  4. Jodie on

    Hello! Great website with lots of good info! My hairstylist offers two Keratin products- Enjoy and Bio Ionic. Both seem to be formaldehyde free- but I’m wondering if you have a thought on the effectiveness of the all natural products- specifically these? I have had good luck with the Brazillian version before but would like to be more cautious but am concerned the effectiveness will be diluted. Thanks!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Jodie,
      I am not familiar with either of these products. The Bio-ionic has got some good reviews:
      Also some great videos on the Enjoy products. See:

      In terms of effectiveness, it’s hard to say without seeing your hair. African hair is the most challenging to straighten, but European hair is easier. I think that your stylist is the best person to recommend to you as s/he will be able to assess your hair and tell you whether or not your hair would be suited to these products .

      A really good non-formaldehyde smoothing treatment is BHAVE Smoothing Therapy. This product contains Replicine™ Functional Keratin® to help protect your hair from damage.

      It last 3-5 months and will help with the frizzies. Here’s a great video which talks about the product and the application process:

      BHAVE is available in Australia and South Africa. It may now be available in other countries. To find out more you can go to their salon locator at:

  5. Akriti Gurung on

    i have very , very curly hair . but i love straight hair . so am making my hair permanent straight by using chemical . but i’m scared about the new growth . can you please tell me . how to take care or make that new growth hair straight .. please ..
    thank you.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Akriti,
      The new growth will come out curly and you won’t be able to change that. You could try regularly using hot irons on it until you can have another permanent straightening treatment. This is usually a few months. Just be aware that the straightening treatment and the ironing will damage your hair over time.

  6. Katie on

    Hi, I had my hair Japanese chemically straightener and it destroyed my hair. I had my hair Brazilian keratin x 2 times and it really didn’t do much. I have overprocessed, damaged, frizzy hair. I have henna my hair and got a gloss, shine back. But I coloured it again later on and it became horrible. My question is can I keratin my hair after I henna it?whats the waiting period? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Susie on

    How soon can you wash your hair after keratin treatment?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Susie,

      That depends on the treatment instructions. Some Keratin Straightening treatments say to keep your hair dry and straight for at least 72 hours, some say 48 hours.

      For the Keraplast Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® there is no holding period. However it is better not to wash your hair immediately after the treatment just to allow the keratin longer to “cure” into your hair.

  8. Sarah on

    My hair is naturally VERY curly and very thick. Frizz is always a constant.
    I love the look of my hair when I straighten it, but the thing is that it takes at LEAST an hour to straighten (and that’s if my curls don’t reappear throughout the course of the day).

    I told my hair dresser I wanted a permanent solution to the curl. GET RID OF IT ALL. She said the keratin straightening treatment would do the job and that she could make my hair the desired poker straight. So I quickly made the appointment for later this month. Upon further research I’ve found cases similar to my own where the curls were tamer (but obviously still there). I don’t want just a conditioner, if I’m spending that kind of money I want STRAIGHT hair. Is there a way it can make my hair straight or am I wasting my money which could be spent better. If this treatment doesn’t straighten my hair do I ask for money back? And then what treatment SHOULD I use? I’m at a loss!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sarah,
      Sorry that it’s taken a while to get back to you. Yes some hair straightening treatment will make your hair very straight and it is permanent until it grows out. The stronger treatments usually contain some sort of relaxer or formaldehyde, or thio. These treatments are pretty aggressive so you need to take care and be confident that your hair will stand up to the treatment.

      There are gentler treatments on the market and they will still do a good job with most hair types. It is best that you talk with a good stylist as they can have a good look at your hair and determine the treatment that’s best for you.

  9. Ivonne on

    keratin really damaged my hair(lots of split ends and thinning)should I go back to relaxers?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Ivonne,
      I am sure that Keratin didn’t damage your hair. Keratin is so benign that it is used in all sorts of ways- to treat burns wounds, a nasty disease called Epidermolysis bullosa, and in capsules for improving the health of skin hair and joints.

      It will have been the one of the other ingredients in the formulation that damaged your hair- not the keratin – that’s if the treatment actually contained any keratin! If your hair is badly damaged, most relaxers treatments will tend to make it worse, as relaxation is quite an aggressive process. If your hair is really damaged I would recommend getting a rescue treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin®. The brands that have such a rescue treatment are BHAVE and Keraplast and you can find out where to get these using the following links:

      their South African distributor there at (011) 887-0915 or skype 082 441 4378 to find a salon.
      BHAVE smoothing therapy


      To find a USA salon near you, you could try the Keraplast Salon locator at,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/

      Or if there isn’t a stockist nearby– you could ask your salon to contact Keraplast at and Keraplast would be happy to supply them the Hair Rescue Treatment and directions so that they can undertake the treatment with you.

  10. Hadeer on

    i have a very long and very thick curly hair and i want to try keratin to make it straight what is the best product should i buy and if i did the keratin does my curly hair will be back again as if it was ???????

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Hadeer,
      There are quite a few Keratin containing straightening treatment available. I would recommend that you speak to your stylist to see what would best suit your hair.

  11. Sue on

    Hi, I have done the first keratin (Straightening) treatment at a salon on December 2013, after that the end of my hair get really dry and damage, I did 2 trims already, the more i trim the more am still seeing, I try so many product anyone tell me about, I try not to use heat, but if I wash my hair when left to dry on its own, it frustrate me to see how it’s looking, what can I really do to prevent it looking like that? For what ever reason I feel this treatment didn’t agree with my hair, I don’t think I want to do another treatment again. Please help.. Thank u

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sue,
      It sounds like the keratin treatment fried your hair leaving it dry and brittle on the ends.
      There are products on the market that will help to repair and restore dry, chemically damaged hair and bring it back to a healthy, shiny state.
      A treatment that you could consider is a Replicine™ Functional Keratin® Hair Rescue Treatment. There are two brands that are selling this type of treatment. They are Keraplast and BHAVE.
      These are both necessarily in-salon treatments and you can find out where to get them by going to the following links:
      Keraplast salon location and contact:
      To find a USA salon near you, you could try the Keraplast Salon locator at,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/
      Or if there isn’t a stockist nearby– you could ask your salon to contact Keraplast at and Keraplast would be happy to supply them the Hair Rescue Treatment and directions so that they can undertake the treatment with you.
      BHAVE Salon Locator

  12. Lisa on

    Is there a way to get a Keratin treatment to eliminate frizz and unruly hair, and make it silky and shiny (as it has in my past treatments), but to not use the flat iron, so that my hair is not ‘stick straight’. I normally have my hair styled to have it curl under slightly and it has body and bounce….isn’t there a way to have the smooth and silky along with the body and bounce, a slight curve/curl under and not a stick straight, matted to the head look?
    Please advise!
    Thanks so much!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Lisa,
      One treatment that you could consider is a Replicine™ Functional Keratin® Hair Rescue Treatment. This treatment doesn’t straighten hair but helps to restore and repair dry, chemically damaged hair back to a healthy, shiny state. It helps to eliminate the frizz you refer to and makes the hair silky and shiny.

      To find a USA salon near you, you could try the Keraplast Salon locator at,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/
      Or if there isn’t a stockist nearby– you could contact Keraplast at

  13. Moe on

    can you do a keratin treatment on a lace front wig? and if so, how often would you recommend doing the treatment? thanks!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Moe,
      I’m assuming that you mean a Straightening treatment? Firstly a keratin straightening treatment won’t work on a synthetic lace. There is a number of you-tube videos of people that have straightened or curled their synthetic lace- you could have a look at some of these.
      If you have a human hair lace, I wouldn’t recommend having a straightening treatment done on it. The manufacturers give instructions as to how to carefully manage and maintain these expensive hair pieces. Any straightening treatment will damage the hair and possibly the cap also. Additionally a hair lace may have been made curly using a perm and the treatment used may be incompatible with your straightening treatment.
      If you want a straight hair lace might be best to buy one?

  14. Kanchan on

    I have read your info pack – which really sounds great.I have a question for my hair.
    since two years I am using instyler for temporary hair straightening which goes off after washing.doing so 2-3 times in a week mostly made my hair texture dry frizzy and bulky with few curls.My hair are not super straight or super curly – its just doesn’t sit well presenting straight structure. I now want to know does keratin hair smoothing/straightening treatment still force me to use straightener to make it super straight?? or after treatment will my hair gives frizzy-ness/curl free look. I have got long hair.. and how long will this treatment last on hair?
    Please reply
    Thanks 🙂

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Kanchan,
      The typical keratin straightening treatment lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 months. Several factors can reduce the length of the keratin treatment: hair type, how often you wash your hair and with what type of shampoo (those with sulfates will strip it faster), the quality of the water you are washing it in (hard water will strip it faster), and if any other chemical process is later applied to you hair such as coloring.
      With straightening treatments, formaldehyde is often used as the straightening agent. The keratin doesn’t straighten the hair but is in the formulation to help offset the damage that the straightening system does to your hair. There is much more awareness of the risks of formaldehyde and the amounts allowed in straightening treatments have been reduced considerably. But to get your hair super straight and keep it that way the treatment must contain a straightening agent.
      If your hair is not in good condition to start with a keratin straightening treatment may do more damage to your hair if you are not careful in your selection of treatments.

      An alternative to the straightening treatment can be a smoothing treatment which is less damaging to the hair and will help eliminate frizz.
      One treatment to consider is a Replicine™ Functional Keratin® Hair Rescue Treatment. This treatment doesn’t straighten hair but helps to restore and repair dry, chemically damaged hair back to a healthy, shiny smooth state. Two brands are selling this type of in-salon treatment. They are Keraplast and BHAVE.
      Keraplast salon location and contact:
      To find a USA salon near you, you could try the Keraplast Salon locator at,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/
      Or if there isn’t a stockist nearby– you could contact Keraplast at

      BHAVE Salon Locator:

  15. Elaine on

    I recently had keratin straightening done and had a few questions:
    1. Do a deep conditioning with a masque 1x week?
    2. Whether it’s better to air dry hair and then blow dry after? Or better to air dry and then flat iron?
    3. Is it ok to wear ponytails and curl hair for special occasions?
    4. Do I need to be applying any special treatments or protectants before i blow dry hair?
    5. Is it ok to use moroccan oil before blow drying /after blow drying ?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Elaine,
      A deep conditioning masque applied once a week is great for keeping keratin-treated hair silkier longer.
      When hair is air dried there may still be some wave so heat is required to achieve the maximum straightness. Either is fine. Whichever gives you the effect you desire in the shortest amount of time/heat is best for your hair.
      It is ok for the occasional ponytail but it will crimp the hair so a flat iron will be needed. It is the same for curling.
      You do not need to use special products but if you do avoid those styling products that contain alcohol, sodium or sulfates. These will dry and strip your hair. Avoid harsh shampoos they cause wear and tear on keratin treatments.
      Moroccan oil may be used if needed. These products are sodium chloride free (salt free) and are great for use after the keratin straightening. Use the oil prior to blow drying which will result in less time, less heat, and a silky head of hair.

  16. Jane on

    help . i have had a hair straightening treatment with pre and post serum but my high lighted hair is now a mess .
    help !
    thank you

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Jane,
      We will contact you directly to assist you in finding a salon that will apply the Hair Rescue treatment to help restore your highlighted hair back to a healthy, shiny state.

  17. Nancy on

    I have a perm in my hair–over a year ago-my hair has grown out and the only part that still has a perm is the bottom part of my hair. Will getting a Keratin treatment straighten my hair and if so will it last. I like the length of my hair now. Please advise.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Nancy,
      All keratin treatments do not straighten hair. The product must contain straightening agents such as formaldehyde to get that effect. If you are wanting straight hair you will need to ask your stylist for a product that he/she would recommend for your hair type.
      The typical hair straighteners will last 3 to 4 months.
      Make sure you use a good conditioner in your hair care routine. Often when using a straightening treatment the hair can later become dry or brittle.
      There are also smoothing treatments on the market that are less harsh on the hair.
      There are some keratin treatments on the market that are for repairing hair only and do not straighten. Hair Rescue is one of these treatments. It helps to restore dry, frizzy, chemically damaged hair back to a healthy, shiny state.

      Your stylist will be able to give the best advice on a product that is safe and will provide the effect you are looking for.

  18. Tina on

    Hi, I have done the crystal keratin treatment and the salon people asked me to not wash the hair for 3 days but i was having headaches, feeling dizzy and also getting acne on my face so i washed my hair after 2 days. Is it ok that I washed a day early? My hair is still smooth, frizz free and shiny and not dead straight but very much manageable. I used the crystal shampoo and conditioner.
    Please let me know if its ok i washed early?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Tina,
      For best results it is always best to follow the recommended guidelines on any treatment.
      From the side effects you listed it sounds like you were having some sort of chemical reaction to the treatment so it was probably best to get it out of your hair and off your skin.
      Washing it out a day early could lessen the length of time of the desired effects you were seeking but should not harm you hair in any way.

  19. Katelyn on

    Are stylists limited to do a certain amount if keratin treatments per week?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Katelyn,
      There is not an actual limit on the number of keratin treatments a stylist is allowed to apply.
      Stylists doing keratin treatments that contain formaldehyde have complained of burning eyes, nosebleeds, and some chest pain. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can cause cancer and eye and lung irritation. Precaution needs to be taken when using these products.

  20. Anna on

    Hi 🙂
    I have read so much about keratin treatments that I’m just not sure how to know if the one I have chosen is ok. I have very very fine hair, but a lot of it, and have had it bleached balliage style, so I get fly aways and the ends are very split. I have booked in for a bhave keratin smoothing treatment, because it says it is formaldehyde free and also not straightening, which I don’t want, I like to have waves and volume in my hair. But I have also read that many brands that claim to be formaldehyde free actually contain other ingredients that under the intense heat that happens as part of the treatment break down to formaldehyde or other very dangerous chemicals too. On the bhave website I couldn’t find a list of ingredient anywhere. I also purchased the treatment (that I am yet to have) off groupon for a salon that I have never been to so am unsure of the stylists. Is it a particularly difficult treatment to apply? What should I be making sure the stylist does/does not do? I’m just nervous after having read so many mixed reviews!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Anna,
      The Bhave line is a very trusted, well respected line of hair care.
      The Bhave Smoothe & Smoothe Plus is formaldehyde free. The ingredients are keratin, argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids.
      This product should help to improve the health of your hair while adding shine. The treatment should be fairly simple to apply but
      you can email any questions you may have before going to the new salon directly to Behave: or their
      international number is +61 3 9532 2427.

  21. Bonnie on

    I have been getting this treatment for years it always worked great. i had a treatment about a month ago and it already came out. i did the 72 hour one. what could cause this?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Bonnie,
      Not knowing which 72 hour treatment (in salon or home) was used it is best to respond in general terms.
      Make sure you wait the 3-4 day recommended waiting period before washing your hair after the treatment until the development process has finalized.
      Always use sodium chloride-sulfate -free shampoos after to help maintain the treatment. Washing more frequently will lessen the treatment results.
      The keratin hair treatment gives a fabulous, gleaming texture to your hair, but unfortunately, the hair might look dry and damaged within a few washes.
      Treatments may lead to deterioration of hair texture. It all depends on the kind of solution used, the temperature of the iron and the natural texture of your hair.

  22. Helen on

    Can you please advise if Keratin blowout contains paraphenylenediamine?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Helen,
      Blowout treatments that profess to be PPD (paraphenylenediamine) free are:
      O & M (original mineral) Hair Care
      No Limits

  23. Shannon on

    I have a client that is had the keratin treatment For years. She recently had gotten one and her hair was straight for about a week and then it return to the normal state. My question is does the keratin treatment stop working after a while.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Dear Shannon,
      If the treatment was applied correctly, and an active treatment solution was used, and all the post treatment guidelines were followed it should last three months. The hair should not become immune to a keratin treatment.
      Post-treatment guidelines:
      *No washing or wetting hair for three days -moisture will wash away some of the protein treatment. Avoid even working out & exercising -sweating will put moisture in the hair.
      *Leave hair down & straight (no clips or ponytails) for three days- the keratin is malleable *Use shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate & sodium free. Detergents in shampoos & conditioners will strip hair of the keratin protein *Use silk pillows at night- cotton pillows can create friction in the hair making the treatment short-lived *Blow dry hair after washing but avoid using hair products after the initial shampoo. Excessive use of products can make the hair look dull and dirty. If you blow-dry and run a flat iron over the hair to help style the hair the protein treatment will last longer.
      *Reapplications of the keratin treatment should be around three months.

  24. Suzie on

    Is it safe to use natural henna on your hair after a keratin treatment for hair coloring?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Suzie,
      Professional products such as Wella and Loreal would be fine to use after a keratin treatment. It is recommended not use henna so soon after a keratin treatment. Some henna contains metallic salts which would possibly react with the treatment that is on your hair resulting in damage to the hair.

  25. Evelyn on

    My hairdresser used bleach on my hair, which was fine but a week later she did a Keratin treatment and my hair is damaged and I had to cut my long bangs short because of the breakage.
    Why is this.
    Did my hairdresser get the order wrong keratin 1st bleach 2nd.
    I will not be going back to this hairdresser do they not get trained on how to use products…..skeptical on keratin treatments … help or hurt you.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Dear Evelyn,
      The process recommended is to color or bleach the hair before a keratin treatment not after. Later bleach can be applied on the re-growth only.
      Chemical treatments are used to make your hair straighter, curlier, or more colorful but sometimes the extreme change can cause damage to your hair.
      Keratin straightening or smoothing treatments can help to condition the hair and repair damage. The protein helps fill cracks in the hair and repair any damage. The keratin is sealed in with a flat iron. Overuse or severe heat from the flat iron can cause damage to the hair making it brittle. The hair should be conditioned well after a treatment to compensate for any heat damage.
      Bleaching the hair can be harsh on the cuticle of the hair and make it very porous. Porous hair is much weaker and will break easily.

      There are Keratin repair treatments for over-processed hair:
      Paul Mitchell Keratriplex
      Keraplast Hair Rescue

  26. Sera on

    May of this year I had my hair straightened chemically in a salon and now it is brittle , breakiing and falling out. I have long red (dyed) hair that was very healthy until this treatment, will your product help me?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sera,
      Keraplast’s Hair Rescue has had great results with damaged hair. This product was formulated specifically for dry, frizzy, chemically damaged hair. We will contact you directly to help find a salon near you that will do the treatment with you.

  27. Sadie on

    I would like to know what is the difference between Keratin Brazillian and the Brizillian which uses cacao?
    My hair is thick and curly and I am trying to figure out the best option for my hair. I would ideally want straight hair that would last for at least 4 months.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sadie,
      One difference between the two treatments is the cacao is used in a keratin treatment to dampen the chemical process and will give the hair a slightly chocolaty fragrance while adding shine and silkiness. Another difference is the waiting period after the treatment. The Brazilian Cacau has no waiting period while the Miracle Ultra Brazilian Keratin Treatments has a two day waiting period after the application.
      There are numerous Keratin Treatments on the market. Many treatments will state they are formaldehyde free but will contain ingredients that turn into formaldehyde when they break down in the heat application of the treatment. The ingredients that break down into formaldehyde include: formatin, aldehyde, methylene glycol, methylene oxide, oxomethane, and oxymethylene.

  28. Nadia on

    I have extremely curly and thick hair. I don’t use blow-dryers or irons to straighten my hair, I love my curly hair I just wish they were less tight curls, and taller.
    I was wondering what a keratin treatment will do to my hair.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Nadia,
      With some keratin treatments you can keep your curls but increase manageability and eliminate frizz.
      Typically keratin treatments last for 2-3 months and you can have your hair made completely straight or keep your natural curl with less frizz and added shine. It is best to speak with a salon professional to get a keratin treatment that is right for you. A treatment that will give you the results you are seeking for your specific hair type.

  29. Laveda on

    How do you wash out a keratin treatment in order to revert back to your natural hair?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Laveda,
      Most hair care professionals say the only true way to reverse a keratin treatment is to be patient and let the hair grow out and cut it frequently.
      Some say that washing it frequently with sodium products will help speed up the process.

  30. Sherry on

    in addition to straight, smooth hair, can the Keratin be used to add volume to hair if you don’t want it flat straight?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sherry,
      Most keratin straightening treatments claim to reduce volume by 60%-90% depending on the texture and condition on the hair. These treatments will help make fluffy, wavy hair become smooth and straight. Curly hair will be more relaxed to a flatter wave while very curly hair will drop to a softer ringlet. The hair will be softer but not be bone-straight.
      Keratin Smoothing treatments claim they do not reduce the hair’s volume and you can still use a curling iron or round brush to create body and volume.
      Keratin shampoos and conditioners, like Keraplast Intensive Shampoo and Conditioner, which are sodium and sulfate free, can help to add strength, condition, shine and volume.

  31. shaza on

    Is it ikay to use natural oils on hair and henna after keratin treatments??
    I did the brazilian one 0.2 formaldehyde.
    And sort of things incompitable with keratin? Is henna one of them?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Shaza,
      The professionals recommended not use henna right after a keratin treatment. They say some henna contains metallic salts which would possibly react with the treatment that is on your hair resulting in damage. As for natural oils, it is best to check with your stylist that applied the treatment to see what products are preferred to ensure, preserve, and receive the maximum desired results.

  32. Kerry on

    Hi, my hair was severely damaged by Brazilian blowout. I’m not sure what happened exactly but even when I left the salon my hair looked bad – possibly too much of the treatment with formaldehyde was applied, as well as too much use of the hot iron on my very fine hair.
    I have been using the Keraplast treatment 2x/month for 4 months now and although it has helped – my hair is definitely more shiny, my hair in the back of my head which is where the damage occurred, will clump together – making my hair appear even more fine and limp.
    Prior to the damage by Brazilian blowout, my hair had never clumped together. Do you know why it does this and what, if anything, can be done to fix this?

  33. Gabrielle Cabaron on

    I have very curly and kinky hair. I’ve been using this product called DevaCurl to minimize the frizz of my hair so the reason for me wanting to kertian my hair is to get it straight. I wanted to know what treatment that I should get to have my hair straight for up to six months at the most. I love my curls, but I feel like I want a change in hair style and to experiment with straight hair. How will my hair look during the process of when the treatment is wearing out? Will my hair get damaged? Will my hair after the six months not go back exactly the way it was before the treatment? Will my hair be straight after the treatment or just less curl and is there a treatment out there that will just keep it straight? Thank you so much in advanced.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Gabrielle,
      The keratin in straightening treatments will not help in the straightening process but is placed in the formulation to help offset any damage that may be caused by chemicals or intense heat from such treatments. It is best to speak to a hair care specialist/stylist to learn about your straightening options. There are many on the market to choose from. A hair care professional is able to advise which treatment will be the best for your hair type while giving you the desired results you seek.

  34. Gabrielle Cabaron on

    Will Kertian make curly kinky hair easier to straighten?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Gabrielle,
      Keratin is a protein that helps to strengthen and repair hair but doesn’t nothing to help straighten the hair. Keratin is in formulations to help offset the damage straightening treatments can cause.

  35. Debbie on

    Is it okay to do keratin for the hair before henna?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Debbie,
      Professional products such as Wella and Loreal would be fine to use after a keratin treatment. It is recommended not use henna so soon after a keratin treatment. Some henna contains metallic salts which would possibly react with the treatment that is on your hair resulting in damage to the hair.

  36. Ana on

    After reading so many comments about stylist that have damaged people’s hair I’m wondering how I find someone that knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends that have had a keratin treatment so I can’t ask for referrals.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Ana,
      For a good, healthy, long-lasting keratin treatment you definitely want to use an experienced, competent stylist. It is not easy finding one without the help of friends and family. It may take time and perseverance to find a trusted stylist.
      A few suggestions:
      *Check your surrounding area for salons. Visit salons, ask questions, and talk to stylists.
      *Be observant of hair of those around you. If you admire the straight locks of another, be sure to ask where they have their hair done.
      *Read salon blogs and reviews.

  37. Mae on

    I just had a keratin complex treatment yesterday. Before the treatment my hair was straight but very poufy and dry with some ends flying away. After the treatment, my hair became stick straight, limp, flat, with no volume, and it worries me. Will this improve after my first wash? Also, if i want some volume back, can i intentionally use shampoos with sulfate to wear the treatment off a bit and get some of my original volume back? Also, after the 3 day waiting period, Will i be really free to tie my hair in a ponytail for as long as I wish? I’m an athlete so I have to tie my hair everyday during training.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Mae,
      Professionals advise that shampoos containing sulfates and sodium can lessen the length of a keratin treatment. Salons advise clients that after the three to four day waiting period, or curing time, hair can be tied back or put in a ponytail without any adverse effects.

  38. Shirley on

    will a keratin treatment change the natural texture of my hair, I am an African .i have been natural for three years ,and once it wear off will my hair still be the same (natural)

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Shirley,
      Keratin treatments help make hard to manage hair into easy care tresses. The hair should be less frizzy.
      The treatments are not permanent and will wear off anywhere from two to four months.
      The new hair growth will not be chemically treated and straightened so it will grow back to your natural hair texture prior to the straightening.
      To help the length of the treatment, make sure you use shampoos that are sulfate, sodium free.

  39. Yara on

    Hi: Is it safe to use henna to colour my hair after gk keratin Treatments ??

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Yara,
      Professional products such as Wella and Loreal would be fine to use after a keratin treatment. It is recommended not use henna so soon after a keratin treatment. Some henna contains metallic salts which would possibly react with the treatment that is on your hair resulting in damage to the hair.

  40. simone on

    Hi there. I wondered if you can tell me if the choco brand or True Keratin has any formaldehyde in it whatsoever. I’ve done loads of internet research (how I found this page) but can’t find definitive n answer. It’s marketed as 0% formaldehyde free but as you say, this isn’t always the case. .

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Simone,
      If you are wanting to straighten hair, the chemical composition of it has to be changed and only formaldehyde can do this. If using a truly formaldehyde free keratin treatment it won’t straighten hair but can decrease frizz and increase shine. True Keratin is definitely marketed as 100% formaldehyde free. Look for an ingredient list for True Keratin. Some ingredient names used to disguise formaldehyde are: aldehyde, morbicid acid, methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol. These ingredients release formaldehyde when heated or mixed with water.

  41. luisa on

    Hi ,

    I just colored my hair with Henna. Is it okay to use Keratin hair straightener after henna coloring?

    Will it change my hair color? Will it damage my hair?

    Thank you!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Luisa,
      It is recommended not to use henna directly before/after a keratin treatment. Some henna contains metallic salts which would possibly react with the treatment that is on your hair resulting in damage to the hair.
      Professional products such as Wella and Loreal would be fine to use after a keratin treatment.

  42. Emma on


    I put henna on my hair beginning of August and I am getting a keratin blow dry early October.

    Is this ok to do?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Emma,
      Henna is a bit tricky. It is a natural alternative used in salons for long-lasting color.
      Henna actually coats the hair shaft and can prevent the penetration of any chemicals. Using a keratin treatment on henna treated hair
      can lift or lighten the color significantly and may prevent the keratin from penetrating the hair shaft properly.
      It is best to consult a professional, in person, to get their advice before doing the application.

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