Australians love their rescued hair

In addition to the usual instruments of torture we put our hair through, such as chemical treatments, color and straightening Australians have to cope with more than the average dose of strong sun (and damaging UV) which contributes to hair damage.

However help is at hand and depending on the level of damage and type of hair, repair, renewal and protection is possible with the new bhave(r) Rescue treatment program.

Combining the rescue and repair powers of the intact keratin proteins of Replicine Functional Keratin provided through the in-salon Rescue treatment from bhave combined with a protective sacrificial shield of intact keratin protein provided by the bhave range of home care products gives the perfect solution.

Hair rescue has been detailed on previous posts , but what about protection and a sacrificial shield, sounds good, but what does it mean? It means that if you have the right sort of keratin in a product it can form a very thin layer on the hair surface, and when UV hits and generates damaging radicals it is this protective keratin shield that absorbs most of the damage, leaving the keratin in the hair in good condition.

Regular use of a shampoo or conditioner infused with Replicine Funtional Keratin, containing intact keratin strands which effectively wrap around the hair strand, replaces the shield and helps keep the hair shiny and in good condition. Hydrolyzed keratin, found in most products does not achieve this as the keratin strands have been broken up and are not able to form intact, protective layers on the hair surface.


The Australian bhave(r) range  is only available through hair salons across Australia and delivers Replicine Functional Keratin in the bhave(r) Rescue treatment and in a full range of shampoo and conditioning products.

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5 Responses to Australians love their rescued hair

  1. Vanessa on

    I have badly damaged bleached hair after going to a new hairdresser. I have been bleaching my hair for over 20 years and have never had a problem… I think the new hairdresser over lapped the bleach and my hair is breaking off… Do u recommend any products they would help repair???

  2. Carmela Correale on

    Where can I find this product in Australia Sydney

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Carmela,
      The Bhave hair care line has our Replicine Functional Keratin in their hair care products.
      They have a repair treatment along with a shampoo and conditioner that included our unique keratin.
      They are located in Australia.
      For more information visit:

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