Is Keratin Only Useful for Repairing Hair Damage?

A lot of the attention on keratin focuses on its use as an innovative ingredient for hair care products.  If you’ve read up on what keratin is and all that it can do, you may have wondered about its applications beyond cosmetics.  It seems like something so revolutionary might be useful for more than hair repair, right?

Keraplast Technologies LLC is one of the leading world researchers on keratin.  Replicine Functional Keratin has a number of uses beyond hair care.  It might surprise you to learn that innovating ingredients for hair care products wasn’t the original intention of the company behind Replicine functional keratin.  Rather, it all started with medical research.

Before anyone knew what keratin could do for hair, the research scientists at Keraplast were working with oxidized keratins to learn more about the potential benefits to human health.  It was through this research that Replicine Functional Keratin was developed and the benefits to hair were discovered.

While hair repair and protection are the most common uses of keratin, it is worth noting that the benefits of functional keratin extend to skin care, wound management and even nutrition.  Talk about a versatile protein!

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20 Responses to Is Keratin Only Useful for Repairing Hair Damage?

  1. rania sorour on

    is it safe to use keratin hair products during pregnancy?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Keratin is a very safe material. There are new medical products on the market made from keratin intended to be applied directly to wounds, which indicates just how safe keratin is. So, in general, yes, keratin hair products are safe to use during pregnancy as long as none of the other ingredients that are in the products have health concerns. The very, very important example of products with health concerns are straightening systems. Many keratin straighteners (such as those of the brazillian keratin style) contain ingredients known to be of significant health concern during pregnancy. These products, most commonly containing formaldehyde or other aldehyde chemicals, should not be used during pregnancy. Always check the label for specific health concerns for any product you use.

      • Varah on

        Breakage can be measured in seavrel ways. In this case it was a very practical and relevant method. A section of hair was treated and then combed lots of times. The actual number of fibres that were either left in the comb, or broken and fell from the hair, were counted. This was compared to a different section of the exact same hair that had not been treated with the Hair Rescue. It is a little tedious to do, as the hair is combed in the same way lots of times, but it accurately represents what happens to hair on a daily basis and when people most notice breakage.

        • Keratin Questions on

          Measurement of hair breakage and hair strength can be quite complicated, but a simple approach is most relevant for what a user of hair care products will notice. The performance of Keraplast Hair Rescue with Replicine Functional Keratin has been measured in a simple practical way, taking two “tresses” or “pony tails” of identical damaged hair and treating one with Hair Rescue. Each tress is then combed many times and the number of broken hairs recorded. This shows an 80% reduction in hair breakage when the Hair Rescue treatment is used. This means the user will see less hair in their comb, or on the floor of the shower, and the damage has been repaired.

  2. Patricia on

    I read a 2008 PubMed study of wool-derived hydrolyzed keratin that said it showed favorable results with regards to hydration and strengthening, and said the molecular weight was up to 1000 Daltons. Is this the same keratin as Keraplast? What is the difference between Keraplast and a popular brand of keratin conditioner currently available that has a molecular weight of 150 – 2500 MWS (Quadramine complex) with claims stating it also penetrates the hair?


    • Keratin Questions on

      Keraplast produces several keratin protein fractions which have different uses. Barba et al 2008 use a particular keratin component produced by Keraplast of low molecular weight and demonstrate hydration and elasticity effects in the skin. Effective repair of hair is achieved with Replicine Funcitonal Keratin produced by Keraplast in a significantly superior way to Quadramine Complex. In addition to the low MW peptides similar to Quadramine Complex, Replicine also includes higher MW proteins with amino acid integrity that bind more successfully to the hair through a “zipper” mechanism in which each amino acid in the keratin protein within the hair is matched perfectly with an amino acid on the Replicine keratin molecule, achieving more substantial repair and durable binding. Further, intact intermediate filament proteins are able to bind to the hair surface and form a sacrificial shield against further damage. The highly conserved keratin proteins with genuine amino acid integrity contained in Replicine Functional Keratin represent a significant advancement in keratin technology.

  3. Angela on

    CAn any of the hair rescure products be used on African-Caribbean hair?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Not all treatments will benefit hair like the Keraplast Hair Rescue with Functional Keratin treatment

  4. Terri on

    I have cuticle damaged hair, the relaxer doesn’t take well and my hair would get poofy and frizzy once I flat iron and in humid conditions, will recipline keratin actually fix this problem?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hair Rescue with Replicine Functional Keratin will repair the damage caused by relaxers. It will help with the frizzyness in humid conditions, but it depends on how badly damaged your hair is. Where are you located? I can suggest a salon that will be able to do a Hair Rescue treatment.

  5. Loulou on

    I was thinking that the Keratin will make my hair straight,two monthes ago I bought keratin straightness from beauty store and I did it at home.i can’t describe how much damage my hair has right now.

    1)is there a natural product of keratin,but only keratin i don’t want relaxing or any thing to damage my hair any more.i don’t want to straight it i only want healthy there natural product like that or it should be mixed with chemicals?

    2) and can i use it right now? or i have to wait till my hair get rid of the product i used it before.

    3)if there is natural product to make my hair healthy,where can i find it and what it’s name or how can i know if this product contain only Keratin.I’m from Arizona

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi LouLou,

      Yes – it can be risky to do a home straightening process as different types of hair will tolerate the process to differing degrees. The best advice is to suggest to you to have a Salon-applied Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin®. This treatment is about as natural as you can get and you can have it applied right now!

      In Arizona it is newly available at the Personalities Salon in Queen Creek, near Phoenix. Alternatively, you could ask your local salon to contact Keraplast at and Keraplast would be happy to supply them the Hair Rescue Treatment and directions so that they can undertake the treatment with you.

  6. susu on

    I want to use keratin to make my hair straight because i have a wavy hair , but i heard that keratin treatment for hair straightening causes hair fall and will dry your hair after 1 year , i want to be sure about it so i need your advice please

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Susu,
      It really depends on your type of hair- how fine it is and what sort of condition it is in. Your stylist is the best person to advise you on what type of straightening treatment to use on your hair. If you do have your hair straightened and find that the fibers have become quite fragile, a hair rescue treatment with Replicine Functional Keratin will help enormously to put volume and strength back into your hair.

  7. Marie on

    I have done my keratin treatment 1 week back only and i am planning to do Rebonding, is it possible to do it even 7 days after Keratin?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Marie,

      I think that you are talking about a Keratin Hair straightening treatment? Without seeing your hair it would be imprudent to make any comment. You are best to talk with your stylist about the details of when/how best to do a re-bonding after a straightening treatment as she will be able to see what condition your hair is in and how best to fasten in the additional hair for durable results.

  8. Bev on

    i have a very itchy sore scalp which weeps and have afew bald patches what helps these problems and will my hair ever grow back,this as taken over my life hope you can give me some advise,i would be happy for any help thank you bev

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Bev,

      I sympathize with your situation and wish that I could offer you some definite solutions. Unfortunately without knowing the details of how your condition started I can’t make any comment on how it can be remediated. A dermatologist is the best person to advise you. They will need to know how long you have had this condition; ie is it something that you have had to deal with for most of your life or is it a recent occurrence? If recent, do you think it is associated with a hair treatment that you have had? If you have had the condition for a long time it may be genetically related. A dermatologist may be able to help with medication to manage the problem.

      In terms of a reaction to a chemical treatment, some hair relaxation processes are known to damage the scalp if they are not properly applied. Unfortunately this can result in permanent damage. But again a dermatologist will be able to best advise you.

      To all our readers and as a general rule:

      If your scalp is stinging after having had a hair treatment, wash your hair immediately! Many hair straightening treatments tell you to not wash your hair for 72 hours after the treatment. But if your scalp is reacting to the treatment, the sooner you wash out all residual chemicals, the less likely you will have permanent damage from the treatment. And if the stinging persists- see a doctor.

  9. Maria Nanton on

    How long will i have to wait after a relaxer to do a Keratin treatment?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Maria,
      The recommended waiting period after using a relaxer is one week before any additional treatments (color, keratin, etc) are applied.

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