Keratin skin care creating social media buzz

The most recent scientific advancements on keratin protein in skin care and wound healing is creating a buzz amongst reviewers in the social media focusing on the latest in skin care innovations.

Retrospect is the first retail skin care line to use the exclusive Replicine™ Functional Keratin® technology, a medical innovation that has transitioned from a well proven treatment for wound care and skin disorders (, to a full skin care system covering all daily skin care needs.

One of the products capturing the initial buzz is Retrospect Flash Firm Eye Gel. This provides immediate wrinkle removal around the eyes as a result of the unique keratin protein technology as well as longer term reduction in puffiness on continued use,

“…..I am going to admit, I never had to worry about under eye circles of puffiness before, this is a recent concern and I find that I need more than just an ordinary eye balm, cream or gel. A New-Comer on the scene that you’re going to hear about pretty soon, and not because of mass marketing but because Retrospect is one of the first skincare brands formulated with a wool-derived Keratin protein, a protein that is clinically proven to heal the skin. Retrospect Flash Firm Eye Gel is the perfect revitalizer for tired and puffy eyes. It’s proven to reduce sagging, wrinkles and puffiness in the eye area. I’ve only been using it for the past few days and ladies I can see a difference! My under eye puffiness is diminishing…”

The role of keratin protein here is the both immediate and long term. Initially, the intact keratin protein forms a well organized layer on the skin surface that lifts and tightens the skin as the gel drys, which gives and immediate reduction in wrinkles. Ongoing use delivers keratin to the skin cells to help develop healthy skin structure, using established cell biology, leading to less puffiness and long term wrinkle reduction.

Another product capturing the attention of reviewers is Retrospect Microdermabrasion Cream, that delivers keratin to skin while exfoliating with keratin particles naturally matched to the skin to remove dead cells without irritation and redness.

“…. And don’t forget to use a face scrub, a new-comer is Facial Microdermabrasion Cream by Retrospect, guaranteed to leave your skin luminous and glowing instantly…”

The role of keratin protein here is two fold. Firstly, it acts as the physical particle that rubs off the dead skin cells just to the extent that it is required, without causing the harsh scratching or irritation that regular exfoliants do. The use of exfoliants like plastic beads or ground walnut shells is quite common in other products, despite the large mismatch between the soft skin surface and these harsh materials. The use of keratin is a beautifully simple idea, and a remarkable innovation. The second action of the keratin is with the cells within the skin to help build healthy skin structure to improve long term skin health.

Retrospect combines multiple layers of keratin innovation and looks like becoming the hot topic amongst the beauty and fashion commentators across all forms of social media.

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2 Responses to Keratin skin care creating social media buzz

  1. Debra on

    Is Keratin skin care good for darkness around the eyes as well darkness in other areas on the face?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Debra,
      If the reason for the dark skin around your eyes is related to over-pigmentation of the skin then yes – Keratin can definitely help with this. However there are several reasons for dark skin around the eyes and keratin will not necessarily help for all of these: see Wikipedia for a good summary of what are called periorbital dark circles.

      Having said that- there is customer feedback that suggests that the Retrospect Rapid Firm eye gel is good for managing at least some forms of dark circles and for puffiness. For more information see:

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