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Is keratin useful in skin care?

Using keratin in skin care products is definitely a very good idea. The outermost layer of your skin is mostly keratin, and  within every cell in the skin a keratin structure is responsible for keeping the cell functioning well. Over the last few years some high profile medical research has shown that keratin protein plays a really important role in healing, meaning that it helps skin cells to do important things. Previously it was thought that keratin was more passive, and only useful in keeping the cells in the right place. Hydrolyzed keratin has been used in hand and nail care for many years, but hydrolyzed keratin is not really keratin at all, it is so damaged and modified it has lost all of its useful properties.

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Rebuild repair how to get a healthy head of hair.

For many, a beautiful head of healthy hair seems all but impossible to attain.  Consumers bounce from one “miracle” product to the next in search of an antidote to the damage inflicted by styling tools, the environment and chemical straightening or coloring applications.  Search engines abound with questions regarding how often to condition and what if anything will restore strength, bounce and shine to lackluster locks.  There are as many opinions on this topic as there are bottles, tubes and packets promising salvation for weary, over stressed manes.  Read more…

How Can Keratin Keep My Salon Clients Happy?

As a salon owner or stylist, you’ve no doubt let a client walk out the door with a haircut that doesn’t reflect your best work.  Maybe even a cut you’re embarrassed to be responsible for.  The problem of damage an issue all stylists struggle with.

Maybe someday science will come up with a safe product that repairs hair damage.  And while they’re at it, maybe they could come up with a product that improves client satisfaction, retention, loyalty, referrals and revenue too.  But until then, how about a story? Read more…

Is Keratin Only Useful for Repairing Hair Damage?

A lot of the attention on keratin focuses on its use as an innovative ingredient for hair care products.  If you’ve read up on what keratin is and all that it can do, you may have wondered about its applications beyond cosmetics.  It seems like something so revolutionary might be useful for more than hair repair, right?

Keraplast Technologies LLC is one of the leading world researchers on keratin.  Replicine Functional Keratin has a number of uses beyond hair care.  It might surprise you to learn that innovating ingredients for hair care products wasn’t the original intention of the company behind Replicine functional keratin.  Rather, it all started with medical research. Read more…

New Hair Rescue Treatment

Keraplast Technologies launched a revolutionary Keratin hair treatment, Hair Rescue with Replicine Functional Keratin technology, at the high profile beauty event Cosmoprof North America in July 2011. Read more…

What Type of Keratin is in Keratin Straightening Treatments?

Keratin straightening treatments are one of the hottest procedures in the beauty industry right now. This new trend has earned an impressive array of passionate fans, skeptics and outright opponents.

What’s most difficult about the attention on keratin straightening treatments is that it’s nearly impossible to find any reliable information about the treatments on the Internet—it seems like everyone’s trying to convince you of something. Hopefully, this post will honestly answer some of your questions about the procedure.

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What is Replicine?


Popping up now and then in the discussion about natural keratin proteins is the word ‘Replicine’. I want to talk a little today about what exactly Replicine is and what it means when you find it on your ingredient list.

First things first, what on earth is Replicine?

You can think of it almost as a brand of functional keratin protein. Are you wondering how protein can be branded? It’s all about the patent.

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Does Keratin Make Hair Straight?


One of the newest crazes in the beauty industry are keratin straightening or smoothing treatments. These processes take kinky, curly or frizzy hair and make it smooth and soft or straight depending on the treatment used. Women all over the world have tried this out and found that even the most hard-to-tame hair can be made soft, silky and manageable.

Wow, can keratin really do that?

Smooth and silky? Sure! But straight? Definitely not.

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