Rebuild repair how to get a healthy head of hair.

For many, a beautiful head of healthy hair seems all but impossible to attain.  Consumers bounce from one “miracle” product to the next in search of an antidote to the damage inflicted by styling tools, the environment and chemical straightening or coloring applications.  Search engines abound with questions regarding how often to condition and what if anything will restore strength, bounce and shine to lackluster locks.  There are as many opinions on this topic as there are bottles, tubes and packets promising salvation for weary, over stressed manes. 

The sad truth is that the vast majority of the products available only deliver temporary, surface improvements.  Why?  Because, you cannot attain genuine hair repair without rebuilding the inner structure that has been stripped away during the aforementioned processes.
 Spoiler Alert!  There is only one ingredient in existence with the right amino acids, in the right place to repair the inside of the hair’s fiber.  That ingredient is Replicine Functional Keratin.  Replicine is 91% identical to human hair making it closer in form and function than anything ever produced, giving this patented product the sole ability to deliver:         
          80% less hair breakage
          97% improvement in shine
          93% improvement in damaged ends
In addition, if you are amongst the reported 75% of women in the US that choose to color your hair, when used as a pre-color treatment, this product will increase hair color performance with an astounding 83% improvement in evenness of color and a 78% improvement of natural color tones.
Replicine Functional Keratin is only available in Keraplast Technologies’ new “Hair Rescue” treatment.  If you are amongst the millions of people, tired of wasting time, effort and money on treatments that produce nothing more than hollow promises or (if you’re lucky) a brief appearance of health to your head, ask for it at your salon today.

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62 Responses to Rebuild repair how to get a healthy head of hair.

  1. Alexia Ward on

    This product sounds too good to be true. Aren’t there tons of products on the market that go into the hair and repair it? Also, how did you come up with the percentage numbers as far as the “breakage” etc. goes?

    • Keratin Questions on

      The majority of products that claim to be an intensive treatment are really only coating the fibre surface to give a nice feel to the hair which is very short lived. Look for silicones on the ingredients list, like dimethicone, cyclomethicone or many other components with “cone” on the end of their name. Some others may penetrate, but not really do anything when they get in there, such as amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins. They may get in to the hair but then not make any permanent change as they cant “stick” well to the fibre. Replicine Functional Keratin is very unusual as it penetrates damaged hair and then binds to the protein that the hair is made of through a “zipper” binding mechanism, meaning it gets in, repairs and stays there. Other products don’t do this.

    • Keratin Questions on

      “Breakage” can be measured in several ways. In this case it was a very practical and relevant method. A section of hair was treated and then combed lots of times. The actual number of fibres that were either left in the comb, or broken and fell from the hair, were counted. This was compared to a different section of the exact same hair that had not been treated with the Hair Rescue. It is a little tedious to do, as the hair is combed in the same way lots of times, but it accurately represents what happens to hair on a daily basis and when people most notice breakage.

  2. beena on

    I am 30 years old and have very dry curly hair. I used Organix Keratin treatment to straighten my hair last week and didn’t wash my hair for 4 days as per directions. Once i washed my hair on the 4th day, my hair became dry and curly again. this treatment should last for 30 days or less but instead lasted only till a wash. Why did this happen? What can I do to rectify the problem?

    • Keratin Questions on

      We understand Organix Keratin treatment to be an at home treatment. Generally these are less powerful than salon treatments and it is difficult to get the necessary combination of product coverage and enough heat from straightening irons, but not too much, in order to get a good outcome at home. The particular chemicals in the Organix Keratin treatment that cause the straightening will not be as effective if you have very dyed or bleached hair, so that may also be a problem. Very dry hair may indicate damage from previous treatments or heat and combing from driers. An intensive repair, such as Hair Rescue with Replicine Functional Keratin will put your hair in a better state to then receive straightening treatments

  3. Santanna R on

    Can you use a shampoo and conditioner that has keratin in it everyday?? I heard it can make your hair awful if you use it everyday.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Yes indeed you can use a shampoo and conditioner that contains keratin. The mix and concentration of the keratin in the shampoo is not important.

  4. Judy Groene on

    I had a full Coppola Keratin Treatment on Thursday. Yesterday when I washed my hair, it was completely fried. I contacted the stylist who said to come back tomorrow morning and she would trim and possibly put more keratin in my hair. Will this repair it or make it worse? I’m really nervous about making it worse but it looks so bad now. Please help!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Coppola Keratin Treatment has been measured by OSHA as containing formaldehyde. This can make your hair brittle and particularly in combination with too much heat can lead to the sort of damage you describe. The keratin in the product is not actually causing any of the problem. Unfortunately, unless the treatment contains Replicine Functional Keratin it will not be able to repair comprehensively either. For genuine repair the only real solution is Hair Rescue, which contains Replicine Functional Keratin that can rebuild the damaged protein in the hair, working from the inside out restore the original structure and feel. Depending on where you live there may be a salon near you that is using Hair Rescue with Replicine Functional Keratin.

  5. Renata on

    I just attended the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show and discovered Peter Coppola’s new line of formaldehyde and aldehyde free products called Peter Coppola Keratin Concept, including the Keratin And Ceramide Formaldehyde-Free Treatment and styling products. I don’t believe that Peter Coppola is any longer associated with Coppola Keratin Complex, or has been for some time. Go to the official Peter Coppola site for additional info.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Renata

      Thanks for your comments and the link to the Petercoppola website.

      You are quite right. There is the Coppola Keratin Complex range including the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy and various shampoos and conditioners
      Peter Coppola also markets his own ranges as described on the website that you have posted.

  6. Mitchel Joudeh on

    Hello Keratin Q&A, I have a question regarding my split ends.

    I came across your website googling remedies for SEs aside from the chopping, cutting, hacking, and snipping.

    I am a male with a passion for long hair. My own is currently slightly passed shoulder length. My hair is wavy with curls at the end, and it is full of SEs: Some/most are say..halfway through the strands already. I am torn between
    A) Cutting the SE’s which I am terrified of since I would have to lose a considerable amount of my length.

    B) Using products to prevent further damage, grow my hair out longer, then chop it off, still having a comfortable length.
    However option B, preventing would be sooooo much more appealing if I could not only prevent the SEs current spread of damage, but REPAIR it without having some expensive and intensive hair treatment.

    What affordable and effective products can you recommend?

    • RobCampbell on

      Hi Mitchel
      You sound to be the perfect candidate for a Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin®! This is necessarily a salon applied treatment to give the best results. Which does mean that you will have to pay a bit more than if you were doing something at home. But the treatment can produce spectacular and enduring results as far as improving hair strength and condition. It will also help with those split ends by sealing up the small ones and prevent the bigger ones from developing further. It also sounds like you may need to reassess how you are washing your hair and what other processing you may be doing to your hair. If you wash your hair very frequently you may want to go to a gentler shampoo and a more intensive conditioner to help maintain your hair’s condition. There are some great non-sulfate systems available that contain keratin and some beneficial oils to maintain hair health and strength. These include the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild ginger range which is available in most parts of the world, Keune’s Careline Keratin smoothing products, BHave’s range available in Australia and Keraplast’s Intensive treatment shampoo and conditioner available in selected outlets in America.
      To find out about outlets of Keraplast products including the Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® contact:

  7. Louise on

    I am a 59 yr old female with gray hair that is colored. My hair was always thick, coarse, wavy and frizzed/curled horribly in humidity. I had the Brazilian straightening treatment once, then 3 Keratin straightening, with the last 2 done March 8, 2012 and September 25, 2012. Over the past 4 months my hair has gone from manageable to outright dreadful. No matter what products I use I cannot control the frizz (I’ve tried letting it dry naturally with various products; I’ve used products before drying it completely; I’ve applied oil, in/expensive products. I’ve noticed permanent crimps on both sides (what appears to be from a flat iron…perhaps from the Keratin treatment?) that does not disappear. Currently my hair is nearly shoulder length; I’m afraid to cut it to my preferred length (several inches shorter) believing I needed the additional weight to pull it straighter…hasn’t helped. My hairdresser said I should do another Keratin treatment but I truly believe that is the problem here (I noticed more frizz after the March 2012 treatment, and now worse after the September grow out). I’m washing my hair less and less (2 x week; sometimes 3 depending on level of work out) and try to avoid using a flat iron, but am forced to when going out sometimes because it’s honestly too dreadful (I do not use it over entire head though). I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere on the Internet. Thank you for any possible advise. I’m nearly to the point of cutting al my hair off and starting fresh, but the top couple inches don’t look that encouraging.

    • RobCampbell on

      Hi Louise
      Unfortunately as we age our hair seems to suffer as much as the rest of our body and we need to work harder to keep it in good health. And it becomes less tolerant of heat processing such as that used with the keratin straightening treatments. I would recommend a Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® as it will add weight to your hair as well as strength and condition. It will also help to calm down the fizziness. It’s good to hear that you are reducing your use of flat irons. You may also need to look at the type of shampoo/conditioner that you are using. When we are young our hair is very tolerant of most shampoo s that can be bought at the supermarket or drug store. But as we age our hair can become fussier and require a more quality type of product that contains gentler surfactants and a more comprehensive conditioning system. A shampoo and conditioner system that incorporates keratin as well as beneficial oils and conditioning quaternary amines will help more with frizziness. Look for products that include “Keratin” and “Oxidized keratin” in their ingredients list. These products include the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild ginger range which is available in most parts of the world, Keune’s Careline Keratin smoothing products also available in many countries, BHave’s range available in Australia, and Keraplast’s Intensive treatment shampoo and conditioner available in selected outlets in the states. To find out about outlets of Keraplast products including the Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® contact:

  8. Juanita on

    Hi. My hair type is frizzy, wavy, scanty and unmanageable. Wish to take up some treatment to make it look better however a little afraid of facing any hair fall issues or hair damage. Since keratin is trust worthy, seek your advice and recommendation.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Juanita,

      A Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® is a good safe treatment for you to use. It does involve a heat treatment but doesn’t contain any straightening chemicals so it won’t damage your hair. The Keratin in this treatment is the same as the Keratin that your hair is made of and it will help to smooth out the frizz and add volume strength and shine to your hair.

  9. Maggie on

    Hi. I had keratin done more them once.and i love the results.My hair is so shiny and silky,that i have strangers stopping me to tell me how beautiful my hair is.My Question is ,when is the best time to do keratin,before i dye my hair,or after,and how long do i have to wait after dying my hair to do the keratin.Thnak You

    • Keratin Questions on

      HI Maggie,

      I assume that you want to do a hair straightening treatment on your hair? The effect that a hair straightening treatment may have on your hair dye will depend on the type of dye and the type of hair straightening treatment used.
      You are best advised to seek the recommendation of your stylist for what straightening system to use and when to use it in relation to dying you hair.

  10. Chreyll Cox on

    I bleached my hair and about a week and a half later i permed it. My hair started falling out so can keratin help me with my hair?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Chreyll,

      A Hair Rescue treatment with Replicine Function Keratin can certainly help with your hair. It will help to strengthen your hair fibers and add volume and shine. This is necessarily a salon-based treatment. For your nearest salon please see the Salon locator on the Keraplast website here:,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/

      Hint: you need to put your city and state into the locator or, I find it easiest to start from the whole USA map. At this level you can see where the salons are across the country. Then you can zoom in on the area you want to look at.

  11. Doreen on

    I have been struggling with severe breakage and hair fall for over eight months due to a chemical treatment. At that time my blood stores were very low so its possible I had some hair loss I was not aware of and my hair was just too weak to withstand the highlight…..At this point I have lost about sixty percent of my hair. The dermatologist suggested a protein shampoo which is helping but now that I have come across this site I think I need more. The severe breakage has stopped but my hair still appears to be thinning. I have baby fine breakage all over and my crown is thin, I am afraid I am going to be bald by Christmas. Please Help Me.

  12. Dana on

    I am an African american women who has always wore perms 6 months ago I stopped using perms and I am trying to find a product that will keep my new growth straight until I get to a length where I can begin to were my hair completely natural with no chemicals at all. Is keratin the right product to help me straighten my hair temporarily.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Dana,

      You are best to seek the advice of your hair stylist as she/he will be able to look at your hair talk with you about what sort of treatments you have had previously. Some African hair has quite strong curls that won’t be easily straightened, so often relaxers are used- but these are not a temporary treatment. Keratin on its own won’t straighten your hair but in as part of a smoothing treatment will help to mitigate any damage. You may need to consider combining a keratin containing smoothing treatment with regular use of heating irons to keep your hair straight while you grow it out.

  13. Kathryn on

    Hi there, I had my hair bleached again yesterday and the breakage I’m having is frightening. Would a keratin treatment fix or minimise what damage has been done?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Kathryn,
      A keratin Straightening treatment may make your hair worse. A Keratin Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® will certainly help with hair fibers that have become fragile.
      From your email address it looks as though you are in New Zealand. Replicine™ Functional Keratin® Hair Rescue Treatments are not currently being marketed in New Zealand, however Mike Hamel of Ginger Meggs (AKL, CHC, ZQN) has been trialing a Replicine™ Functional Keratin® Hair Rescue Treatment in his salons and I am sure he will be happy to recommend a treatment for you.

  14. Will on

    I’m thinnin on the top of my head, and was wondering if i use keratin conditioner, will it help cure and grow my hair back.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Will,

      The best person to advise you of what to do about hair thinning is your doctor. In ~70% of men hair thinning is a genetic process and your doctor will be able to advise whether or not yours is due to genetics. There are some drugs that can be prescribed to slow or even reverse this process. Keratin in a conditioner will not have an effect on genetic hair thinning.

      The Keraplast Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® contains a much higher concentration of the Replicine™ Keratin than any conditioner, and will help to add volume to what hair you still have. But it is unlikely to help with genetic based thinning. If your hair loss is as a result of an imbalance within your scalp, the concentrated Replicine in the Hair Rescue Treatment may help to adjust that balance. The level of Replicine in shampoo and conditioner that are labeled with Replicine logo is at a maintenance/protection level- not a concentration that would quickly fix major problems. Replicine is a blend of “Keratin” “Hydrolyzed Keratin” and “Oxidized Keratin”. Many shampoo and conditioners contain only “Hydrolyzed Keratin”. The function of this ingredient is to help add back moisture to your hair. But it won’t add strength or build volume.

  15. Kayla on

    Hello! I recently went from a medium brown, to an almost platinum blonde. I was dyed it at home, and was greedy and tried to make it go straight from brown to platinum. I didn’t use anti-brass, so it turned out kind of orange. So, I bought a toner that didn’t have bleach and it made my hair a soft yellow color that I kind of liked, settled with. When my roots started growing, instead of doing a root touch up I bleached all my hair again, trying to shoot for platinum. The first time I dyed it I used feria blonde that lightens it up to 6 levels and the second time I used and ultimate platinum which absolutely destroyed my hair. I’m allergic to bleach, but it was never really a problem until I went ultimate platinum. My hair has always been thin, but I had a lot of it. Now it’s falling out and feels dirty when it’s not, an since I’m afraid to put anything else on my hair, my roots are showing bad and the color is fading and it looks terrible. My hair has never dyed one color, the ends always dyed darker than my roots, and we even dyed it different ways. I want to get this blonde off my hair so I was wondering if it was okay to dye my hair red? Like a deep burgundy? If so, should I do it at home or gt it professionally done?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Kayla,

      Any processing done to your hair will have a damaging effect. Even blow drying it will have some small negative effect on your hair health. Likewise using a hair dye – even if it doesn’t have a bleaching agent in it will impart some damage to your hair. Given that your hair sounds like it already is showing symptoms of damage you will need to be careful. Whether you do the dying at home or dye it in the salon, you will need to make sure that a very good conditioner is used as part of the process.

      If you elect to have your hair done in the salon, one option would be to choose to have a Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® post dye. This will help significantly mitigate the impact of the damage caused by the other hair treatment you have had previously. The salon locator here will tell you where there is stockiest near you:,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/

  16. Amen on

    what can i do to make my hair soft,smooth and silky

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Amen,

      It really depends on the characteristics of your natural hair. If you have curly hair and want it to be straight then you are going to need to use a straightening system of some description. Depending on how curly you hair is could mean a straightening agent such as a relaxer. If your hair is already as straight as you like it to be but is in poor condition, then a Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® will do a lot to add condition strength and shine back into your hair. The Hair Rescue Treatment is necessarily an in- salon treatment. Within the USA you can find a salon that will do a Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® by using the Keraplast Salon locator at,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/

      If there isn’t a stockist nearby– you could ask your salon to contact Keraplast at and Keraplast would be happy to supply them the Hair Rescue Treatment and directions so that they can undertake the treatment with you.

      BHAVE brand also sells a great Hair Rescue Treatment with Replicine™ Functional Keratin® called Hair Rescue. You can find out where their stockiest are by contacting them on their facebook page or on using their salon locator on their web page:

  17. Kendra Jones on

    I need my hair to grow thicker and longer. I just started using the keratin argan oil spray for flat ironing will it help?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Kendra,

      If you want your hair to grow thicker and longer a good idea- if you can- is to give up using the irons for a while. Using irons will tend to weaken your hair making it break more frequently. Regularly using a quality shampoo and conditioner that have a range of beneficial oils as well as good keratins in it will also help with hair strength and condition. Several on the market include Awapuhi Wild Ginger, BHAVE Rescue , Keraplast Intensive Treatment, Keune Careline and Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair.

  18. Ivan on

    Will Keratin restore hair loss (i.e. male pattern baldness)?

  19. Elaine Coston on

    I have been getting keratin treatments for the past four years, usually twice a year. The last year, I got the
    express. However, I have noticed my hair breaking off and in some spots hair loss. My hair is also very thin
    and always has been, but now I am really getting concerned. I also have my hair highlighted usually two
    to three times a year. I know as I have aged, my hair has gotten thinner.
    Please send me more info on the keratin products. Where can they be purchased or must treatments be done a salon?
    Note: Is there a way hair can be straightened with keratin without using such high heat? The last two times I had
    treatment, it felt like the heat from the iron was burning my scalp.
    Thanking you in advance for an early response. (my age – 75)

  20. Edward on

    Hi there.

    I severely damaged my hair over a year ago after some stupid idea I had to straighten my hair, except I did it with wet hair (which is apparently the worst thing you can do) and also forgot to use the hair heat protection spray first (I even had the damn thing on my shelf I just forgot!!!) I know, I’m an totally idiot, I wish I could take that one stupid mistake back.

    It all frizzed up for about a week and then started falling out until now its thin on the top of my head. I had a hair cut at the time at blamed the hair dresser for it all standing up and looking very thin, but now I know it was probably my fault. Hair is always falling out these days I’m finding it everywhere, its really getting disturbing. It is most obvious when wet but I am worried its going to get worse. I’m afraid to wash or touch my hair in case more hair is dislodged…

    Do you have any recommendations? Can this Keratin ingrediant deal with this kind of damage?

    I’ve asked on hair loss forums before and was hard to get taken seriously because its on the top of my head and the crown which many just assume its the start of male pattern baldness and I’m just I denial. I had super thick hair on the top of my head, and I still do on the other sides. It was so thick I had liked to get it thinned out with thinning swissors (irony!!). This was the reason I tried straighteners because I thought it grew out on top looking too “puffy” and meant to wanted to get more hair cuts. At any rate this all started when went crazy on my hair with the straighteners mostly on that patch. I also don’t have a history of MPB in my family.

    I need to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist/trichologist so I can get some tests done to see exactly what is going on with my scalp and hair quality there, but hope you can give me any opinions in the mean time

    Sorry I wrote so much, and i know I should have done this earlier (hoping it might fix itself on its own, yeah denial I suppose) but as I’m saying I’m getting disturbed about all these hairs I’m literally finding everywhere especially in the sink and shower or bath. I also recently seem to have a dandruff problem and using something like Nizoral but that only seems to work for about 1 to 2 days at most, the coal tar versions don’t seem to do anything. I dont know if its related…
    Any thoughts greatly appreciated


  21. sarah on

    Marine Collagen and Keratin Formula from Younger Secrets
    i live in the u.k and it is expensive to buy from abroad.Where can i get the same thing or just as natrel and effective as this one, in the u.k.
    Also i want the recipline keratin shampoo and conditioner. how can i get this in the u.k? do any salons here sell it or is there an equivalent that is just as good and not less?
    please let me know asap. i need stuff for my hair growth and condition etc..
    thanks sarah
    ps i take vitamins, country life maxi hair plus, what is your opinion on this?

  22. Lisa on

    I had a Goldwell Keratin Smoothing System applied to my hair two and a half weeks ago. My hair is now damaged and dry in certain places. I have had a few inches taken off and my hair and it still feels coarse, dry and looks damaged.
    I have been using the Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner and the hairdresser who applied the treatment has given me a Kerasilk leave in treatment to use.
    I am extremely disappointed with the results of the smoothing system and the look of my hair. I am now left with shorter hair which looks dull, dry and damaged. My hair smelt awful after the initial treatment for at least a week after but I have been told that their are no chemicals in the smoothing system.
    I would be grateful for any advice.

    • Keratin Questions on

      HI Lisa,
      You must be very disappointed after spending money on a treatment and not getting the results you desired.
      As for the dryness and dullness help may be on the way. Keraplast has an intensive repair treatment called Hair Rescue. It helps to restore dry, frizzy, chemically damaged hair back to a healthy, shiny state. The treatment takes about 30 minutes.The product is totally safe and is comprised of oxidized keratin, intact keratin proteins, and keratin peptides. We will get in touch with you directly to assist you in finding a salon near you that will offer the treatment.

  23. Sarah on

    I got my first Keratin hair treatment last Wednesday night but it’s ended in disaster. I washed the product out on Saturday night and then blow dried it, only to find the ends now appear FRIED!! What can I do? I don’t want to cut it all off as I’ve been trying to grow it. Please help me!

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sarah,
      It sounds like the keratin treatment fried your hair leaving it dry and brittle on the ends.
      There are products on the market that will help to repair and restore dry, frizzy, chemically damaged hair and bring it back to a healthy, shiny state.
      A treatment that you could consider is a Replicine™ Functional Keratin® Hair Rescue Treatment. There are two brands that are selling this type of treatment. They are Keraplast and BHAVE.
      These are in-salon treatments and you can find out where to get them by going to the following links:

      Keraplast salon location and contact-

      If there isn’t a salon nearby– you could ask your salon to contact Keraplast at and Keraplast would be happy to supply them the Hair Rescue Treatment and directions so that they can undertake the treatment with you.

      BHAVE Salon Locator –

  24. Maryam on

    Hey, i have been getting treatment for the past 2 and a half years. I love the treatment it made my hair shiny, soft and frizz free. The past 3 applications of keratine have not given me the same results i usually get. I have been using the same product and technique. I would like to mention that i had done a relaxor treatment for my curls just prior to a keratine treament. It was only after that, my hair stopped reacting to keratine treatments. After a treatment the frizz and curls are about the same.. It gets a bit soft but all that slowly fades away within the next month.
    Im wondering did i damage my hair by doing the relaxing treatment? Or do i have to change the brand of the keratine? Or technique? Please help i couldnt find an answer to whats happening anywhere.. Thanks in advance.

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Maryam,
      One must keep in mind that relaxers do not help the hair, but actually strip it. So by applying chemicals to the hair, even if it is to achieve a desired effect, is never really benefits your hair’s health. Chemicals need to be used in order to change the structure of the hair. The chemical penetrates the cortex and loosens the natural curl. The inner layer of the hair shaft gives shape and provides strength and elasticity. This relaxer process which produces straighter hair at the same time can leave hair weak and extremely susceptible to breakage.
      Due to this it is strongly recommended that the relaxer be applied only under the direction of a hair care professional that is knowledgeable with chemical straightening. You should have conditioning treatments before and after the process. If you ensure your hair is healthy before any treatment is applied will help decrease the possibility of problems after.
      You can also over process the hair. Always remember the more chemicals applied to the hair, the more possibility of damaged hair may be experienced.
      The best advice you can receive is from your hair care professional. He/she can look at your hair and offer the best guidance on what steps should be taken to help strengthen your hair and also get the desired effect you seek.

  25. Nene on

    i love curls, but want to cut out some of the frizz.
    I’ve used keratin to straighten my hair before, works perfectly, but now i want to keep my soft wavy strands.
    could i use an iron curler wand or a babyliss curling secret wand instead of the straightening iron? has it ever been tried like this? do you think this would work?

  26. Sientje on

    Will I still be able to complete the straightener with out a flat iron just using the hair dryer?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Sientje,
      You can help make your hair straight using the right type of brush with the aid of your blow dryer. If you want to add volume or add a slight curl while you straighten then use a thick round brush.
      If you want stick-straight hair then a paddle brush is the way to go.

  27. Tammie on

    How often do I need to apply this product? Every day or once a week

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Tammie,
      For truly damaged hair, Hair Rescue can be applied once a week to help restore health and shine. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and should be applied at a professional salon.

  28. Anna on

    Hi, I was doing some research on the Brazilian Blowout treatment and actually considered getting it done until I learned about the high levels of formaldehyde in the product, not to mention having to use high-intense heat in conjunction! I’ve read reviews by clients who had no adverse affects from the product but I didn’t want to take any chances, so I decided against it altogether. I then started researching more natural/organic alternatives and read about a product called “Keragreen.” It does have some formaldehyde but is considerably less and nothing like that found in the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Do you believe this product would be effective in strengthening and repairing damaged hair (split ends )….does it contain the right type of keratin to achieve this, or would using BHave Rescue be a better choice? Also, can BHave be done at home, or would superior results be achieved at a salon? Thanks in advance…

    • Keratin Questions on

      If you are wanting a good repair keratin treatment, the bhave rescue treatment is great. It has Replicine Functional Keratin in it which is the closest in form to our own natural keratin. This type of keratin is comprised of oxidized keratin, intact keratin proteins, and keratin peptides. Replicine Functional Keratin proteins bind strongly to severely damaged hair, helps to rebuild the internal structure, and will help restore strength, condition, elasticity and shine.
      For best results this type of treatment should be applied by a professional.

  29. Gini on

    I have used Keratin Treatments in the past and my hair turned orange/brassy : ((

    I have breached hair. Would the Coppala Smoothing treatment change my color?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Gini,
      The chemicals used in bleaching hair can interact with any of the keratin treatments if applied closely together. It is recommended to highlight hair before the keratin treatment. Professionals say bleach of any sort should not be applied to keratin treated hair, only on the regrowth. Bleach strips the color from the hair but will also strip the keratin treatment.

  30. christine on

    Is Bhave or Keraplast available in Ontario, Canada? Specifically in Toronto or surrounding areas?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Christine,
      We will be in direct contact to assist you in finding products with Replicine Functional Keratin.

  31. Marta CAD on

    I am also interested in knowing where in Toronto the Bhave or Keraplast treatments are available. If you can let me know, I would very much appreciate it.


    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Marta,
      We will be in direct contact to assist you in finding a salon to apply the Keraplast Hair Rescue.

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