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What is Replicine?

Popping up now and then in the discussion about natural keratin proteins is the word ‘Replicine’. I want to talk a little today about what exactly Replicine is and what it means when you find it on your ingredient list.

First things first, what on earth is Replicine?

You can think of it almost as a brand of functional keratin protein. Are you wondering how protein can be branded? It’s all about the patent.

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What sort of products can I find keratin in and why is it used?

So now you know what keratin is, you probably want to know where you can find it and what it can do for your hair, right?

The good news is Keratin is found in a range of hair shampoos, conditioners, treatments for damaged and colored hair; but you’ll have to do some careful ‘label checking’ next time you’re shopping.

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