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New Hair Rescue Treatment

Keraplast Technologies launched a revolutionary Keratin hair treatment, Hair Rescue with Replicine Functional Keratin technology, at the high profile beauty event Cosmoprof North America in July 2011.

Can Keratin Protect Hair From Damage?

Damage makes your hair look dull and brittle and causes it to break off at the ends. No one likes hair damage. Unfortunately, protecting your hair can be a daunting task. Caused by just about anything, including heat, chemicals, pollution, daily maintenance and styling, climate, environment, hard water or chemicals that may be found in your tab water. It can seem like your only option is to wrap your head in a silk bandage and never leave the house.

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Unlocking the Secret Power of Keratin with Simple Everyday Hair Treatments

What is all the fuss about keratin in your hair care products and salon treatments?

Keratin is currently the buzzword of the hair care industry, from intensive repair treatments to specialist straightening procedures.

Daily care, chemical treatments, sunlight, environmental conditions, combing and straightening are just some examples of the typical conditions our hair is exposed to that cause the keratin structure to become damaged, leading to poor hair condition.

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How do I know if there’s Keratin in my shampoo or hair treatment?

“Keratin amino acids, capryloyl hydrolyzed keratin, cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolysed keratin”…are you confused yet?

We now know that keratin is proven to help restore and protect our hair from harsh environmental factors and pollutants and we know where to find keratin (in shampoo, conditioner and haircare products).

But how do we figure out what to look for when buying a keratin containing product?

How do you understand all the scientific jargon and what’s more – what about all the products that sound like they should have keratin in them, but actually don’t?

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Keratin 101: What is Keratin Really?

Well, remember those days back in biology class? No, well don’t worry; keratin is not as complicated as you may think.

Basically, keratin is a family of proteins that are among the most important and versatile compounds ever produced in nature.

Think of your hair, nails and skin as solid structures – like buildings, armor and carbon fiber – they’re all built for toughness and protection.

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