Unlocking the Secret Power of Keratin with Simple Everyday Hair Treatments

What is all the fuss about keratin in your hair care products and salon treatments?

Keratin is currently the buzzword of the hair care industry, from intensive repair treatments to specialist straightening procedures.

Daily care, chemical treatments, sunlight, environmental conditions, combing and straightening are just some examples of the typical conditions our hair is exposed to that cause the keratin structure to become damaged, leading to poor hair condition.

Reversal of that damage can be achieved with a REAL keratin technology that contains all of the essential components of native keratin protein – Replicine Functional Keratin.

How does it work?

Damage to the proteins and lipids of the hair cortex and cuticle can be prevented through the ‘sacrificial effect’ of this keratin protein. The intact high molecular weight protein protects the hair surface and the low molecular weight peptide protects the fibre cortex and maintains hair strength.

Too scientific for you? It is really quite simple –

Keratin is a main building block for hair and provided the keratin in your treatment is extracted in a way that it can bond with your damaged hair, it makes the hair naturally stronger, healthy and more resilient to further treatments.

It can:

  • Rescue hair from damage through professional use treatments
  • Repair and restore hair strength and condition through daily use wash and care formulations
  • Create more natural, even colors through pre-color keratin treatments

If keratin is listed as an ingredient and the right keratin is used, then there is good scientific evidence for protective and repairing effects.

Scientific studies have been conducted on damaged hair with conditioners containing  Replicine Functional Keratin, collagen proteins, wheat proteins and plain conditioner without proteins.

Damaged hair was combed 1,000 times following treatment. Results show hair treated with Replicine Functional Keratin Technology has 55% less breakage. No other proteins came close to these results.

Studies with Replicine Functional Keratin hair rescue treatment have shown substantially damaged hair can be brought back to great condition.

Comments from consumers include:

“My hair was full of volume, and felt wonderful”

“It brought tears to my eyes because I thought my hair was permanently damaged and beyond repair”

When the right combination of keratin, oxidized keratin and hydrolyzed keratin is used, then hair breakage can be reduced by 80%, shine improved by 35% and color fade prevented by 67%.

If you’re after strong, healthy, shiny hair, you now know what to look for!

Stay tuned for our next blog post on how you can tell if there is keratin in your hair product.

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10 Responses to Unlocking the Secret Power of Keratin with Simple Everyday Hair Treatments

  1. Bahaa Adel on

    How to know if it’s a real Keratin Or No?

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Bahaa Adel,

      In most countries, for personal care products, there is a requirement that there is an ingredients list on the back of the bottle or carton that the product is packaged in. If there is a version of Keratin in the product you will see “Keratin” listed as one of the ingredients (or “Hydrolyzed keratin or “Oxidized keratin”) in that list. Some brand owners also allow their ingredients for a given product to be listed on e-commerce sites. If so, a web search would give you the information you need. If the ingredient list is not available on the internet you may need to get hold of a bottle. Some salon professional products may not list the ingredients on the bottle but the salon owner should still be able to show you a safety data sheet (SDS), provided by their distributor.

      Be aware that there are several products that say Keratin (or a word that sounds like keratin) as part of their product name or marketing hype on the front of the bottle but don’t actually have any Keratin as an ingredient…!

  2. Farmeen Motiwalla on

    I’ve done Japanese straightener in my hair twice, now my hairs is frizzy, thin n falling out. Should I use the smoothing treatment? It’s really frizzy after I wash it, it’s not manageable. Please help

  3. rinat on

    After using keratin is hair can stay Wavy ?

    • Keratin Questions on

      HI Rinat,
      There are keratin treatments that will allow your hair to have some of its natural wave and movement as long as they do not contain a straightening agent.
      The Keraplast Hair Rescue treatment is one of these. It helps to strengthen, smooth and repair hair fibers.

      Keraplast salon location and contact:
      To find a USA salon near you, you could try the Keraplast Salon locator at http://www.keraplast.com/component/option,com_storelocator/Itemid,76/view,map/
      Or if there isn’t a salon nearby, ask your salon to contact Keraplast at http://www.keraplast.com/contact and Keraplast would be happy to supply them the Hair Rescue Treatment and directions so that they can undertake the treatment with you.

  4. Helen on

    Hi I just would like to ask some questions about keratin products in general and also one in particular : I bought a “” You be natural keratin treatment to do it myself at home but the instructions say the minimum time to leave it in is 15 minutes it doesn’t say what is the maximum though, I have had keratin treatments in salons and some of them you leave in as long as you can others wash it and style the same day , the best one I had done was the one I could stay with the treatment for 3 days or longer (if I could handle not to wet , tie or even put my hair behind my ears ,) and then I will return to the salon to wash condition and style my hair . So the first question is : if the instructions of the keratin products don’t say anything about the limit of time you could leave the keratin in, is it ok for me to leave it as long as I could , and then wash it and do the rest later ? or could this damage my hair somehow because each keratin treatment is completely different ? could I assume that “Be natural treatment is harmless anyway ? Another question is : what happens to my hair if I don’t follow the instruction of the salon and I pony tail wet or sweat my hair and not flat iron to put it back in place afterward ? What is the real reason for that ? .just curiosity !… I am waiting eagerly for your answer thank you for your help bye . Ps Sorry about my grammar English is my second language

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Helen,
      To answer some of your questions:
      Directly after a keratin straightening treatment and for up to 72 hours you shouldn’t put your hair in a ponytail, tuck it behind your ears, or pin it up because it can cause breakage or kinks in the processed hair. For best results and safety issues always follow the product or salon instructions. All testing has been done by the professionals and they ensure the best results to the consumer with their detailed instructions.

  5. Lisa on

    Hi I have my hair straightened, and would like to use a shampoo and conditioner that is animal free. I read your information about New Zealand wool, do any products contain this? Thank you

    • Keratin Questions on

      Hi Lisa,
      Our keratin is derived from the wool of New Zealand’s sheep. We collect the shorn wool and process it. Our unique keratin is called Replicine Functional Keratin which is comprised of oxidized keratin, intact keratin proteins, and keratin peptides. It is the closest in form to our own natural keratin.
      I noticed your email address is from Australia. If you are interested in our keratin you may want to check out the bhave hair care line at http://www.bhavehair.com/
      This line includes our Replicine Functional Keratin in their shampoo and conditioner.

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