Is Gel Manicures sound Safe for the health of your nails?

Gel manicures can be beautiful and life-lasting, but it can be hard-hitting on nails. Well, this is not a properly clear definition that gel manicures are safe or not because it highly often depends upon the way of the usage of it. Well, having gel manicures is in no way awful for nails, but it is highly recommended to get a break every six weeks of duration for letting the natural nail breathe. There are high cons of getting gel manicures done is nail brittleness, cracking, peeling, and even its excessive usage can increase the risk of premature skin aging and skin cancer.

nail tools

However, to keep the nails healthy and strong before, during, and after gel manicures, we are sharing some tips that you must consider, so take a few minutes and read the information until the end:

  • Be practical with your manicurist

You must feely ask if manicure tools are sterilized or make sure that he/she is cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting properly after every use. Besides, never let your manicurist cut or push your cuticles as this can cause infection or inflammation.

  • Wear Sunscreen

Before getting a gel manicure, don’t forget to apply water-resistance and broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent your hands from the problem of premature skin aging and skin cancer. Moreover, it will assist you in protecting from harmful ultraviolet radiations used to seal gel nail polish on your nail. You have also made use of dark opaque gloves before applying the nail polish.

  • Always give preference to traditional nail polish

It is one of the significant aspects that every woman must consider if they experience recurring nail troubles or even allergic to acetone as acetone is needed to remove gel polish.

choosing the polish

  • Avoid Gel nail Polish

Whenever the color starts to come off, you must avoid choosing the polish, nail tools, or other nails to remove it. In such a situation, you have to get in touch with your manicurist to get the polish removed done.

  • Soak your fingertips in Acetone

During the nail polished removed, you just soak your fingertips in acetone instead of your fingers or whole hands to safeguard the surrounded skin. Besides, you can also make use of cotton balls to remove the polish by soaking it in acetone.

On the whole, these were some of the significant tips that will protect you from the bad effects and cons of a gel manicure.